What We Do

Our Vision And Mission

The vision of MedHope Africa is to see the men, women, and children living in low-resource communities of sub-Saharan Africa physically and spiritually healed. We practice evidence-based medicine through primary care clinics and community health interventions in the context of Christian ministry. Mission teams travel fully equipped with a mobile pharmacy and medical supplies. The scope of medical practice is primarily acute infectious diseases and minor trauma. Optical clinics offer prescription glasses, and community health interventions teach local health workers about disease prevention, equipping them to effectively serve their community. 

Our mission is to show mercy, relieve suffering, share truth, and offer hope (John 14:12; Acts 1:8). We strategically focus our mission in remote villages where access to modern medicine and public health education are limited. We seek to pour out our lives for the hungry, poor, sick, hurting and lost (Isaiah 58:6 - 11). We strive to develop people, not programs, and build relationships, not buildings.

Our Strategy

MHA will prepare and send short-term teams to serve up to two weeks and mid-term teams to serve up to two years. The MHA strategy will be implemented in partnership with indigenous leadership or field partners. Working in tandem with indigenous church leaders, ministers of health, and community leaders, MHA will focus initially on assessing needs in communities to most effectively implement the mission. This assessment data will guide the mission efforts. 

Meeting Physical Needs

Physical needs will be addressed through health care clinics and other community health interventions. Indigenous community leaders will identify those in the community who are in the greatest need of medical care. Other community health interventions will be offered to equip and empower community health workers to lead their communities in disease prevention.

Meeting Spiritual Needs

Spiritual needs will be addressed through Christian evangelism. Indigenous church leaders will work in tandem with MHA Teams to teach about God and Jesus Christ at each clinic. Participation in the evangelistic teaching will be voluntary and will not be a prerequisite for health care services.

What We Offer

One of our main objectives is to offer individuals an opportunity to:

  • Develop their personal and professional skills
  • Discover their spiritual gifts
  • Nurture their spiritual growth
  • Broaden their global perspective

... by serving the needs of others in a foreign context. We offer an exciting, life-altering, opportunity for individuals here in the United States to participate in mission efforts and serve the poor and vulnerable in the newest and most under-developed country in the world, South Sudan. Using your talents, education, and natural abilities to alleviate the physical and spiritual suffering of the vulnerable in a foreign context ultimately transforms life here at home.

For those called to healthcare (doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, nursing students, dentists, dental hygienists, optometrists, pharmacists, etc.), church leadership (pastors, elders, small group or Bible study leaders, seminary students, etc.), or anyone with a passion to serve the poor and spiritually oppressed, we desire to provide an avenue for you to gain experience and competence in global ministry as we serve the people living in the beautiful continent of Africa. While we actively recruit healthcare professionals and church leaders, we also value and will utilize anyone who is passionate about using their God-given knowledge, interests and gifts to serve others. For anyone searching to discover the purpose God has for them in regards to mission, we offer an opportunity to find out what it means to be fulfilled by meeting the needs of others.

Medical professionals in all disciplines will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and increase their skill level concerning medical management of the diseases of poverty (tropical diseases), and field medicine in low-resource communities. This training will, in turn, strengthen their practice here at home. Most importantly, investing in the lives of others and building relationships with people who have no ability to compensate for their care, only serves to enrich the lives of all. We offer participants both a humanitarian service opportunity and ministerial experience.

Pastors, ministers, and other church leaders will have the opportunity to experience the process of evangelism and discipleship training in an oral culture, where the primary means of learning and teaching is storytelling and oral discourse. They will have the privilege of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with tribal people who are eager to learn, and investing in other church leaders who will never have the resources for formal biblical training. The challenge of communicating the gospel effectively in another culture and language fuels a passion for evangelism and discipleship at home.